How The HECK Do I Get More SoundCloud Followers?

In this article, we’ll touch on both free methods and paid methods of promoting your SoundCloud account in 2015 / 2016.

Set Yourself Up For Success

First things first – take 15 minutes and clean up your SoundCloud page. Organize it as if a major label executive was going to view it tomorrow. Correct all spelling mistakes, add capitalized letters where appropriate, write a short bio, make sure everything is tagged and labelled correctly. Ensure all websites, social media accounts and email addresses are listed and up to date. Delete old songs that don’t reflect your current skill as a musician – I always cringe when I see artists that have low-quality demo’s from when they first started still on their page. Every upload should have an eye-catching graphic that reflects the feeling and mood of the song. Your display picture should be a professionally done photo or graphic – doesn’t need to be expensive, it can even be from Fiverr. It just needs to look good.

Paid Promotion

There are hundreds of SoundCloud promotion services online. Most are awful: dodgy looking websites, poor customer service,┬áspammy bot accounts, services not being delivered on time, etc. A lot of them were a nightmare to deal with and a complete waste of money. This is why we’ve compiled our TOP 3 best rated SoundCloud promotion services – so you can avoid the crappy ones and save your hard earned cash!

All 3 of the services come with excellent recommendations from our testers.

#1. SC SuperFans

Of all the SoundCloud promotion services tested, we were most impressed with SC SuperFans. This service delivers REAL users to your page through their network of websites, blogs, social media accounts & web 2.0 profiles – as well as running targeted CPV advertising campaigns. The accounts we tested saw significant gains in followers, plays, likes, reposts and comments.

SC SuperFansThe price is affordable for anyone looking to grow their fanbase. And it’s an unlimited service.
That’s right – EVERY song you upload gets promoted. There is no other service out there like it.



#2. Devumi

If you’re looking to seriously pump up your SoundCloud stats, Devumi is the site to visit. There are HUNDREDS of similar ‘social media promotion’ services online, and I confidently say that Devumi does it the best. The prices were reasonable, they delivered their service on time, and their customer service was top notch.

DevumiWith Devumi, everything is done with bot accounts. So while your stats will get a serious push, you still have to drive REAL users to the page yourself somehow. Still, their bot accounts are good quality, especially compared to some of the crap we saw when testing with other service providers.

In addition to SoundCloud, Devumi also provides services for other social media sites.
ie. Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.



#3. AddMeFast

AddMeFast is where you go when you want BULK SoundCloud plays and followers on the cheap.

AddMeFast.comLet it be known now – the quality of these followers is low. Most look pretty spammy. If you are concerned about the integrity of your SoundCloud account, look elsewhere. But if you’re going for sheer bulk volume followers/plays, this is the one you want. I know of a few major EDM acts whose ‘explosive’ rise to fame can be attributed to AddMeFast. I’m not kidding – just expect to pay $199+/week for that grade of promo!

If you’re like me and can’t afford $199/week (lol), AddMeFast has a unique ‘points’ program – you can earn points by doing various web-related activities and redeem them SoundCloud followers, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, etc. It takes a bit of time to earn points, but if you’re budget conscious, it’s easy and most importantly FREE!



Free Methods

#4. Follow / Unfollow Method

You’re allowed to follow up to 2000 users on your SoundCloud account. When you follow a random user, there’s about a 5-10% chance they’ll follow you back. (having a good display picture and interesting username helps) What many SoundCloud users do is follow a bunch of people, hope to get some follow-backs, then unfollow them shortly after. (3-7 days) As long as you don’t exceed SoundCloud 2000 follower limit, you can continue this cycle indefinitely.

This isn’t to say you should go and follow 2000 people tonight. Any unnatural activity and SoundCloud administrators will flag your account and maybe even issue a ban. Don’t overdo it – add 100 users a day at the very most. I’d even suggest spreading it out over the course of the day so you don’t alert SoundCloud’s suspicion – ie. follow 30 in the morning, 30 in the afternoon, 30 in the evening. That kind of thing.

Only follow users who will follow you back – ie. other unsigned / indie artists. Chances are Kanye West ain’t gonna give you a follow-back lol.

#5. The ‘Recently Uploaded Track’ Method

Using SoundCloud’s search function, search up a generic ‘tag’ or genre. (ie. “hip hop”)
Next, order tracks by ‘uploaded within the past hour’. Seen here:

Like Method
Like and comment on a bunch of these songs and you should get some follow-backs. The rationale behind this method is that many users will remain online 1-2hrs after their song has been posted so they can monitor statistics. If they’re online and see you’ve liked their song, there’s a very good chance they’ll come check out your page and possibly follow you.

Here are some terms you can search: rap, hip hop, trap, house, electro, club, mix, original, remix, new, 2014, etc.

#6. CloudKillers

CloudKillers is similar to AddMeFast, in that you earn ‘points’ by completing tasks.
The difference is CloudKillers focuses specifically on SoundCloud.

By playing and commenting on someone’s song, you earn a point.
You use that point to have someone play and comment on YOUR song.

A good little service, but doesn’t have the traffic/volume of AddMeFast.

Other Ways To Promote

#7. Create Remixes

Remixing a popular song is a great way to drive traffic to your page. But the only way this works is if your remix shows up when people are searching for the original song. If you’re uploading the song to SoundCloud, make sure it is labeled and tagged correctly. Do some (white hat) SEO / link-building campaigns on the track too if possible.

#8. Music Blogs

Search up some music blogs and submit your tracks. If you want to maximize your chances of getting your music posted, always include artwork, a downloadable mp3 and a small write-up about the song and yourself.

Here is a good list of blogs that can get you started.


Approach with caution – while there are a lot of good deals, there’s also a lot of shady services and borderline scams. I would not suggest using ANY SoundCloud services from Fiverr – instead, use it for things like graphics, DJ drops, one-off promotion blasts, etc. Always ensure that the seller has good reviews and over 10 transactions.

#10. Facebook Ads

These are NOT for the faint of heart! Facebook Ads can cost an arm and a leg, especially if you don’t know how to properly optimize your ads. Facebook’s advertising platform is state-of-the-art, which is why it’s so enticing, but prices have gotten too steep for us lately. We would not recommend using Facebook Ads unless you’ve got money to burn.

Final Thoughts

People complain that it’s tougher now more than ever to get noticed as a musician. While that may be true, if you use ALL of the promo services listed and implement the free methods we outlined, you’ll have a HUGE edge on the majority of other musicians. This is a tried and tested recipe for SoundCloud success – you’re sure to see serious growth in your fanbase. Now all you’ve gotta focus on is making good music!

Did you find this article helpful? Do us a favor and share / repost it!


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